Hypnosis for Weight Loss

What is hypnosis for food cravings? Does it actually work for food addiction and compulsive overeating?

Will Hypnosis for Food Cravings help me achieve weight loss?

I combine the Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis program with other hypnotherapeutic techniques such as counselling, psychotherapy, EFT and Reiki to uncover what triggers the overeating and cravings. As a weight loss and eating disorder specialist I understand the key to weight loss is to find the true problem that keeps you in this cycle, which is deep in your psyche.

The program is designed for your specific needs and you will appreciate everyone is different. Depending on your assessment I combine the power of suggestion and visualisation so your mind will be convinced your stomach has shrunk and you need less food.

There are five session blocks depending on individual assessment.

The first half an hour is free for you to decide if you are suitable for this treatment.

Session 1: Full dietary and medical history taken. We will discuss how to eat moderately, exercise more and most importantly delve into why you over eat.

Session 2: Ensure negative thinking habits and patterns have changed.

Session 3: The Virtual Gastric Band will be fitted together with re-enforcing positive messages

Session 4 & 5: The Virtual Gastric Band will be adjusted accordingly and we will set new healthy habits of listening to your own body.

We also discuss if further treatment is needed depending on the complexity of what is revealed during our sessions. Together we will develop useful strategies for dealing with the stress that brings on comfort eating.

You are the key to your own success.  But I can help you find the key with the Virtual Gastric Band, a plan going forward where you will be satisfied with a moderate diet, exercise and most importantly a committed attitude to health and fitness.

Let me give you the Fitness Mindset to help you achieve your goals.

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