Hypnosis for Weight Loss and Food Cravings

  • What does your weight cost you?
  • Is there a financial cost?
  • Are you self conscious?
  • Do you avoid work or social situations, hiding your weight?
  • Are you neglecting yourself?
  • How is it impacting your health?
  • How is self worth and self love?
  • Are your relationships suffering?

Would you like to leave behind negative self talk, negative beliefs and diets that don’t work? Hypnosis and Energy Healing can work in a range of ways to help you lose weight. Hypnosis can be used to reduce your stress response, anxiety and emotional triggers, which in the past have caused you to turn to food for comfort.

Hypnosis for Weight Loss

How does Hypnosis Help with Food Cravings?

  • It helps you recognise core issues.
  • It helps you create new positive relationship with food.
  • Helps you self regulate when you eat.
  • Willpower gets stronger.
  • Helps to counteract self sabotage.
  • Hypnosis helps you feel great!
  • Creates foundations for healthy food choices.
  • Motivation for exercise.
  • Shopping and planning for healthy fresh foods.
  • Believing in yourself.

To Be Healthy in Your Life You Need:

  • A good relationship with yourself
  • A great relationship with food
  • A good relationship with exercise.

Energy Healing Melbourne designs your weight loss sessions for your needs.

Session 1

  1. Medical history – Stresses and triggers in your life.
  2. Emotional pain and trauma in your life.
  3. What  do you crave for?
    Chocolate, lollies, cakes, chips etc
    4 / How do you want to be?
    5 / Pain, anger and negative emotions need clearing.
    You walk out feeling empowered.

Session 2

  1. How is self control?
  2. Are you making better choices?
  3. How is self love?
  4. How is self control and portion sizes?
  5. The Hypnosis and Healing gives you your power and motivation back.

Sessions 3, 4 and 5

In these sessions we re enforce self control, only eating when hungry, healing your emotions, clearing selfsabatage, childhood patterns including anger, fear, lack of self esteem.  We eliminate food cravings and you start to feel motivated, strong and in control.

I’d love to meet you and help reach your weight loss goals, I have 18 years of experience to help you lose weight.

Energy Healing Melbourne will remain open during stage 4 restrictions an onwards. Treatments can be provided in emergency situations and other treatments via Zoom.