Quit Smoking with Hypnosis

Hypnosis works on updating the subconscious mind by deleting old habits, and creating new healthy habits, just like reprogramming a computer.

I use Hypnosis to change the habit and dependency on cigarettes. The habit is deleted and replaced with a healthy choice. Hypnosis works by changing the perceptions in your mind and sub - conscious.

What is included in your Hypnotherapy session?

Together we will discuss your lifestyle including your smoking habit, associations and routines. When you are relaxing and under Hypnosis, I will include alternative suggestions, such as eating healthily, drinking more water and exercising. Healthy lifestyle choices are always included.

Hypnosis to Quit Smoking

How many sessions does it take to stop smoking?

Most clients that smoke 20 to 30 cigarettes a day give up in the first session. However, some people need a few sessions, particularly if you are dealing with different triggers that manifest as stress, anxiety or depression.

Hypnosis works to help you give up smoking by:

  • Strengthening your motivation and willpower
  • Hypnosis eliminates the desire for nicotine
  • Hypnosis assists in relieving and or eliminating any cravings
  • Hypnosis strengthens motivation and re enforces the positive goal of living as a non - smoker
  • Hypnosis removes habitual patterns ie when I have coffee or alcohol I must have a cigarette
  • Hypnosis is a relaxation method to reduce stress
  • Hypnosis re enforces well being and success

During Hypnosis you are guided to a state of calm. Breathing and visualisation techniques are included. I then use powerful suggestions for you to stop smoking, to eat well and to live a healthy lifestyle as a non smoker permanently.

I look forward to designing your personalised quit smoking session(s).

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