Hypnotherapy for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Anyone can be affected by drug addiction or alcohol, and it can be difficult to recognise an addiction or dependence to alcohol and drugs. Becoming dependent means that you rely on using a substance to be able to feel good or to cope better with everyday life. Your body then adapts to the substance use, which results in needing higher amounts of the same substance to achieve the same effect.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to tell whether an addiction is out of one’s control, and when to recognise that using the substance is causing extreme problems in our day to day activities. People with addictions continue to use despite the harmful consequences it can result in – including impacting on work, social and family interactions, as well as causing detriment to our physical health.

Hypnosis For Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Are you addicted to Drugs or Alcohol?

Would you like to free yourself from the pain these addictions cause?

It is sometimes difficult to acknowledge when substance abuse has become a problem or is impacting your life – what is important and essential is that you be honest with yourself and others to be able to receive the support and help you need to recover.

Have you experienced the following signs of addiction?

  • Changed your eating or sleeping habits
  • Caring less about your appearance
  • Spending more time with people who either drink to excess or use drugs
  • Missing appointments, work commitments or study classes
  • Losing interest in activities that you once loved to do
  • Getting in trouble with school, your employer, authority or the law
  • Experiencing conflict and arguments with family and friends
  • Relying on drugs or alcohol to be able to relax or experience fun
  • Having Blackouts
  • Keeping secrets from family and friends
  • Finding that you need higher quantities of the substance to achieve the same feeling

Often, it’s usually family and friends that notice first when a problem is occurring. They may notice you acting differently, becoming withdrawn, persistently tired, hostile or easily upset.
It is essential for recovery that you allow yourself compassion and honesty and understand that it is the time to seek help from others to resolve this problem.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Why do I use drugs and(or) alcohol?
  • What am I trying to escape from in life?
  • How often am I using alcohol or drugs?
  • Is my alcohol / drug usage increasing?
  • Am I finding it more difficult to control how much I use?
  • Am I missing work or not doing things I should be doing?
  • Am I having trouble sleeping, eating, or just doing normal daily tasks?
  • Have my energy levels changed – have they decreased or increased?
  • Am I experiencing blackouts?
  • Am I experiencing mood swings or feeling more unhappy and worried than usual?
  • Am I finding it difficult to concentrate or make decisions?
  • Are my family and friends making comments on how much I use?

Hypnosis for Addiction Treatment

Hypnosis is an incredibly effective method to support you while proceeding with detox and your ongoing commitment to a life of sobriety.
Hypnosis allows discovery of those problematic areas in your life that need to be changed to to gain better coping strategies and view their substance abuse in a different light.

Recovery from alcohol and drug abuse IS possible, and Hypnotherapy allows you gain control back in your life. Alcohol and drug use can impact anyone at all – and it takes a strong person to be honest to themselves and acknowledge they need assistance to recover from this. By taking that first leap and reaching out, you’ve already shown tremendous courage and are well on the way to the first steps of recovery.

Choosing an Effective Treatment Plan

Together, we will discuss your treatment plan as each individual has unique situations and there is no single defining treatment for everyone – it will be custom to your situation to achieve the best possible results. Both Hypnosis and life experience have provided me with the tools to assist many clients overcome their addictions and live their lives free from the damaging cycle of alcohol and drug substance abuse.

I offer caring and nurturing treatment sessions, and through Hypnosis we work together to identify the underlying behaviours and triggers. Together, we then develop positive coping mechanisms that give you new meaning and direction in life for a brighter, better future.

All I need from you? Be willing, open and honest.

Take the leap today and let me help you gain control back and live your life on your terms.

Energy Healing Melbourne will remain open during stage 4 restrictions an onwards. Treatments can be provided in emergency situations and other treatments via Zoom.