Hypnotherapy for Codependency

  • How do we release trauma and belief systems set up in our childhood?
  • Are you a victim of narcissistic abuse?
  • How do we stop repeating patterns of unhealthy relationships as adults?
  • Do you believe that it is achievable?
  • Will you have to live and relive and rehash every ordeal to heal?
  • Have you already tried to ignore and bury the distress of childhood wounds of – I am only loved if I am achieving or making others happy?
  • Books, courses, therapies and affirmations, have any of them worked for you?
  • Do you suffer from depression, anxiety, PTSD or loneliness?
  • Are you scared to move forward in your life?

Healing work begins in our sub conscious where Hypnosis will re program your fears, doubts and pain. We will shift the trauma from your cells, mind, thinking, heart and life. Pain and trauma will be healed and replaced with self love. Old patterns and negative old thinking will not be re played over and over as you heal deep core wounds, from childhood and the past. In a safe space, we will heal family patterns and painful belief systems.

Has the time come for you to heal the cause rather than live and battle with the symptoms? Are you tired of handing your power away? Do you recognise the solution lies within?

If this sounds like you, Hypnotherapy and Healing can help you to let go of managing trauma and start healing and living again.

Hypnosis for Codependency

Trauma Bonding

  • Are you on the merry go round of abusive relationships?
  • Do you crave unconditional love and healthy bonds?
  • Do you wonder why you allow people to treat you with disrespect?

How does this happen?

The answer lies in our childhood. How we never received love and approval from our parents, family members and those close to us. If our parents had narcissistic tendencies we tend to replay those patterns learned from childhood and be attracted to partners who treat us the same. Their toxic energy is familiar with us.

Parents who withhold love and affection as a means of control transfers to our adult relationships.It is our conditioning over the years and we become used to it.The Narcissist is one who manipulates emotionally and psychologically, they believe they are always right. They do not understand empathy as they are extremely selfish and have a craving for admiration to build their own self esteem.

What Is Trauma Bonding?

When we begin a relationship with a Narcissist it can feel so intense and special. We give him or her our undivided attention, for they demand nothing less. The trauma bonding begins when they exploit your love and affection. Much like our childhood experiences, this may feel familiar and comfortable. A Narcissist thrives on your love and approval.Traumatic bonding comes from the Narcissist creating a cycle of manipulation and control. We become vulnerable and believe we are building a relationship of trust and connection. But really it is false intimacy.

Can This Be Healed?

Childhood patterns and beliefs can be healed when we acknowledge them.
Recognising that these patterns are the driving forces in our adult relationships can be the beginning of healing. Allowing healing to occur using Hypnosis, EFT and Energy Healing, can change these deep patterns in our sub conscious minds, learning to love ourselves and to create healthy boundaries with others, therefore living a life FREE of EMOTIONAL ABUSE...

Hypnosis Breaks Old Habits.

These therapy sessions will help you to break free from unhealthy relationships and to firstly develop a loving relationship with yourself and to re - discover your VALUE and WORTH.

Lets Begin Your Journey To Recovery

Energy Healing Melbourne will remain open during stage 4 restrictions an onwards. Treatments can be provided in emergency situations and other treatments via Zoom.