Hypnotherapy for Dealing with Narcissism and Narcissistic Abuse

My name is Astrid Ritenis; I am a qualified Hypnotherapist and EFT practitioner.  I am also healed from Narcissistic Abuse.

Why am I qualified to help you?

Because I have been the victim of painful relationships, toxic love and people who have manipulated me for their own gain.  I realised my history of Narcissistic Abuse (NA) began when I was just child. This meant an ongoing pattern of destructive and hurtful relationships became the norm for me and continued for many years.

Why do this course?

Narcissistic Abuse can be from many people in your life and is not restricted to a romantic partner. Family members, co-workers and friends can all be part of a toxic relationship.  Any relationship that you feel addicted to but that brings you unhappiness is narcissistic abuse.

We give ourselves many negative messages, particularly when we feel hurt. Do these statements sound familiar?

I’m lost. I’m overwhelmed. My life is filled with drama and negativity. Why does he/she constantly lie? I never feel good about myself. Why does he/she treat me so badly? Why do I allow it?

I can help you regain your power.  I can help you to heal the past hurt and trauma and to recognize the patterns that have held you hostage. I can help you to move on from the person you love but who hurts you the most.

How does the course work?

By changing our thought patterns and encouraging no contact, (or limited contact if there are children involved) through hypnosis healing and EFT tapping. The course consists of 12 modules to be run every week. Each module is an hour and 15 minutes in length.

  • 15 minutes introduction
  • 45 minutes hypnosis healing and EFT tapping
  • 15 minute to integrate the powerful messages received by laying in silence

My promise to you.

After the first module you will emerge with an internal strength. You will have taken the first step to taking responsibility for your own healing. You will leave knowing that pain, trauma and drama need not be part of your everyday life.

  • Release the pain of No Contact
  • Narcissistic Abuse – recognize and resolve No Contact
  • Self-care and healing during No Contact
  • Release the pain of Co-dependency
  • Forgiveness and recognition of self
  • Release the pain of betrayal
  • Setting healthy boundaries
  • Release the pain of taking on responsibilities of the Narcissist
  • Connect to you own personal power
  • Release and heal connection with the Narcissist
  • Connect to your own emotions
  • Be free with forgiveness and love

Energy Healing Melbourne will remain open during stage 4 restrictions an onwards. Treatments can be provided in emergency situations and other treatments via Zoom.