COVID-19 Online Hypnosis Sessions

How to Deal with Stress in These Challenging Times

Stress and anxiety levels are much higher now in adults and children, due to the panic and fear around the current virus situation.

There are the extra pressures of social isolation and concerns about survival, finances and employment. These challenges can have a massive impact on our mental , emotional, psychological and spiritual wellbeing. This is also effecting our immune systems and general health and happiness. All this can make us feel anxious, fearful and uncertain, in so many areas of our lives.

Self-isolation can trigger a lot of deep fears and emotions, and it is easy to feel stuck.

Hypnotherapy via Zoom or Hypnosis By Phone

There can be a tendency to escape these emotions with unhealthy overeating of comfort food, excessive alcohol use, smoking, illegal drugs, and self-sabotaging thoughts and negative behavioural patterns.

The solution to all this is often a few sessions of Hypnosis with an experienced therapist like myself.

Hypnosis is very effective at releasing stress, anxiety, negative thinking, and destructive patterns and behaviours.

Hypnosis will help you to self-regulate and manage anxious thoughts, fears and anxieties - and also help you to get back in touch with who you really are, making healthy life choices, and feeling much calmer and more balanced, even in these precarious times.

Hypnosis sessions will also help to release physical tension, allowing you to feel much more positive about your life and situation. This is a great time to re-focus. To do something for yourself, and to create something new in our lives.

I’m looking forward to meeting you in my “online clinic”, from the comfort of your own home.

Please feel free to give me a no obligation call to explore whether Hypnosis is suitable for you and your current situation. And to understand how the personalised one-to-one online sessions can work effectively for you.

Perhaps it’s time to call me, and have a friendly discussion to better understand how Hypnosis can benefit you, quickly, easily, and conveniently.