Online Group Hypnotherapy Sessions

Group Sessions

Hypnosis and Energy Healing can help in these times by changing thought patterns, calming the mind, eliminating the stress response, and clearing negative thinking.

We can’t change what’s going on globally, but we can change how we think about it. We can empower ourselves to deal better with the crisis.Each session will help you to think more clearly and positively , and to feel more calm, relaxed, and better able to deal with everything.

Just $47 an hour for a group session, these online gatherings are small and anonymous with no more than 6 people per session.

11:00am Mondays

Hypnosis for Weight Loss and Food Cravings 

Are making unhealthy choices in food?
Sugar cravings?
Comfort and emotional eating?
No motivation?
Need to exercise?

These Healthy Living Classes will help you:

  • Make healthy choices
  • Regulate sugar and junk food cravings 
  • Eat clean 
  • Drink enough water 
  • Develop a healthy relationship with yourself and healthy eating habits 
  • Exercising 
  • Only eating when hungry 
  • Loving yourself 
  • Feeling motivated 

11:00am Wednesdays

Reinventing Yourself During the COVID -19 Shutdown 

Are you feeling stressed, tired and overwhelmed?
Who am I in this time ?
I lost my job, my previous life and my identity?
I have physical pain , tension , headaches and insomnia?
Are you feeling dis connected ?
And alone ?
Isolated ?

Hypnosis can lessen a lot of these symptoms:

  • Hypnosis will help to ease your anxieties and fears
  • Feel calmer, clearer and more empowered
  • Get some clarity about where you want to be in life 
  • Build up your self esteem 
  • Tap into your creativity 
  • Re-balance your emotions and thoughts 
  • Self love and self confidence 

Energy Healing Melbourne will remain open during stage 4 restrictions an onwards. Treatments can be provided in emergency situations and other treatments via Zoom.