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Astrid Ritenis

Specialises in Energy Healing and Hypnosis

Palliative Care Energy Healing

Energy healing for patients, their families and carers offers comfort at a time when stress levels are high.

I offer sessions where with love and care we aim to ease the suffering of the patient and their loved ones.

We gather together for a Healing session where as a hypnotherapist I lead the group through meditation and prayer (non-denominational).

Often this experience is an important step for the family and friends to:

  • Reduce the anxiety and stress
  • Strengthen the family bonds
  • Promote relaxation
  • Honor and allow for reflection
  • Reassurance and support for your loved one
  • Create some last meaningful memories

Each session is done with the utmost kindness and care, a gentle nurturing approach that is always done with dignity. If this is something that you think could help you or someone close to you please contact me.