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Astrid Ritenis

Specialises in Energy Healing and Hypnosis

Long Distance Energy Healing

Astrid is a gifted Energy Healer and Hypnotherapist, she channels powerful healing energies to you long distance,over Skype, Viber, or by photo. Receive a distant healing from anywhere in the world. This is a proven and convenient way to receive a healing.

Everything is Energy

Everything is energy,everything and everyone has a vibration and frequency. Long distant treatments are often sought for illnesses and imbalances that are not always easily explained, these are not always seen or diagnosed by the human eye, such as Disturbances in our Auras, Chakras and Energetic Fields. As a long Distance Energy Healer I can sense energetic imbalances in your body, I follow my intuition and Divine Consciousness to clear, redirect and to transform your blockages back to health and vitality.

How do I prepare myself before a Long Distant Energy Healing?

You can burn some candles, incense and oils. Beautiful music sets the mood,wear loose comfortable clothing. Pray or ask for where you would like to receive help and support in your life. Be ready at you our agreed time for your healing.

What will I experience during a Long Distance Healing Session?

Most people experience a deep peacefulness and calmness. During the treatment your body and mind will be bathed in light,your emotions, thoughts and feelings will be cleansed and purified. Aura and Chakras will be cleared and rebalanced.Self love will flow in your body.

Long Distance Energy Healing and Hypnosis

What if I m not actively present during the treatment? What happens if I fall asleep?

Your long distance treatment goes directly to the source of any imbalance, where all dis/harmony is created, therefore the participation of your mind is not necessary. Energ heals whether we are awake or asleep.

How can I integrate the healing into every day life?

Drink some water after your session,to flush out any impurities. Take some time off, avoid stressful people and situations for the day if possible. Journal or write about your process and let your healing journey unfold.

Happy Hour

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