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Astrid Ritenis

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Gastric Band Hypnosis

Virtual gastric band hypnosis is a safe PAIN FREE nonsurgical procedure. I am a weight loss and eating disorder specialist who uses hypnotherapy, counselling, reiki and psychotherapy to help you. There is no need for painful invasive surgery; you can lose that weight by having the Hypno Gastric Band.

Hypno gastric band to achieve your weight loss goal.

How does it work?

By the power of suggestion and visualisation that a Gastric Band has been fitted, your mind will be convinced your stomach has shrunk and you need less food.

There are five session blocks depending on individual assessment.

The first half an hour is free for you to decide if you are suitable for the Hypno Gastric Band.

Session 1: Full dietary and medical history taken. We will discuss how to eat moderately, exercise more and most importantly how to believe in you.

Session 2: Ensure negative thinking habits and patterns have indeed changed.

Session 3: The Virtual Hypno Gastric Band will be fitted.

Session 4 & 5: The Gastric Band will be adjusted accordingly and the process will be reinforced.

Hypno Gastric Lapband

Patients report that the procedure is calming and enjoyable. There are no side- effects. You are the key to your own success; you must be prepared to change your eating habits and lifestyle. The Hypno Gastric Band has proven to be effective in aiding significant weight loss when combined with a moderate diet, exercise and a committed attitude towards your weight loss.

Make an investment in your health today.

I am committed to assisting and guiding you.