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Astrid Ritenis

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"I first saw Astrid for Hypnotherapy five years ago. She has helped me to overcome some deep seated and painful issues with her gentle and nurturing way. I highly recommend her as an incredibly compassionate, kind and understanding therapist, which gets results.
Astrid has her own unique insights that enhance her training as a Hypnotherapist. I feel immense gratitude that she has helped me to move on with my life in the way she has, and I have no hesitation in recommending her as a highly gifted and healing therapist.



"Living with chronic pain is one of the worst conditions imaginable. Sometimes it can be all consuming and so much so that you don’t even realise how clouded, cranky and down you become, life just feels like a heavy burden.

Relieved from this burden, life feels so completely different. I have had incredible results with Astrid; it never ceases to amaze me that I can walk into a treatment in terrible pain, feeling hopeless and walk out completely pain free and feeling ready to face the day with an eagerness and ease.

Such amazing results with no drugs, no painful treatments, just a peaceful, healing journey to the sub conscious mind that leaves me feeling wonderful and pain free for days and even weeks (and I am confident soon enough in permanency). Not only has Astrid assisted with my physical pain, but my general wellbeing has improved dramatically. I have rid myself of many fears, issues and negative feelings that have improved relationships and led to a much more enjoyable, positive life experience."



"I have seen all kinds of therapists and had different therapies to alleviate my back pain, for a short period of time. I have seen Astrid a couple of times throughout a five year period, and during this time I have had enormous pain in my lower back.

I usually have to miss days off work and experience excruciating back pain, but now I call upon Astrid for therapy to ease the pain, not just physically but also mentally and emotionally.

Astrid has focused on unblocking the pain by releasing the energy allowing the body to flow as it should - Pain Free.

I never thought it was possible to have such pain one minute then being pain free with flexibility and agility. Astrid's gentle and healing nature has helped me to succeed live a new and revitalised life."




“I had given up smoking for six years, and then started smoking and quitting over a ten year span.

Astrid was able to assist me in focusing on not only the reason why I shouldn't keep smoking but also on the reason why I continued to keep smoking.
Astrid's method breaks the bond that you have with tobacco, removes the cravings and allows you to feel empowered to achieve your goal."



"My sessions with Astrid addressed my sugar cravings. I now happily choose the healthier options to eat and am delighted that I can walk past the cake display.

Astrid's caring, professional manner set me at ease; the sessions were relaxing and also helped to improve my sleeping patterns. After Hypnotherapy sessions with Astrid, my sugar cravings are now under control. I happily choose healthier eating options and owe my success to Astrid's skills and professional approach."



"Astrid treated my daughter who was suffering from a severe case of eczema on her face and neck. We had seen the skin doctor who prescribed a strong cortisone cream and antibiotics. However I wanted to see if we could clear it naturally before going down that road. The results were incredible. Almost immediately after her treatment, the redness and itchiness had started to subside and a week later her face has pretty much cleared up. Further to that my daughter is feeling happier and lighter and I am so relieved not to have to use cortisone on her face and to see her out of the discomfort she was in. I cannot recommend Astrid's services highly enough."

Ange S

The above testimonials indicate that Hypnotherapy is a great relaxing experience, which can and will transform your life from Physical Pain, Emotional Pain, Smoking, Sugar Cravings or other negative patterns that you may have in your life.