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Astrid Ritenis

Specialises in Energy Healing and Hypnosis

Energy Healing Packages

Each package comprises three sessions – paid in advance before attendance to first session. Packages are non-refundable as you are receiving a discounted rate.

Healthy Relationship Package

Are you stuck in a rut? Do you attract the same negative people? Do you carry pain from your childhood? These 3 sessions, include healing the pain, cutting the ties that bind with negative people. We will work with self-love, self-esteem and confidence. You can have positive relationships with healthy boundaries.

Wellbeing Package

Do you suffer from depression, anxiety, fear, panic? Are you stuck in negative thinking? Do you spend a lot of time feeling anxious and overwhelmed? These 3 sessions re-program your mind, cleanse your body and allow you to be the best you can be; calm and balanced.

Detox and Refresh Healthy Living Package

Choose healthy foods, fresh foods that energise you. Lose and maintain your weight. Drink water daily, love your body, and choose exercise. Create balance and harmony in your life.

Inner Light Activation Package

Have you been sexually assaulted or abused? Did you grow up in domestic violence? Has your self-esteem suffered as a result? Do you keep making unhealthy choices as a result? Cleanse all your energies. It is time to heal.
Hypnosis and Energy Therapy can heal the pain, shame, guilt, anger, sadness and Post Traumatic Stress.
Forgiveness and self-love means not being stuck in the past. I can help you clear your energies and claim your power.