Astrid Ritenis from Australia is a Hypnotherapist and Energy Healer. Specialising in Long Distance Energy Healing and Hypnotherapy
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Astrid Ritenis

Specialises in Energy Healing and Hypnosis

EFT Tapping/Hypno Tapping

It is with pleasure I can now offer my clients three specialised treatments in one.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Hypnotherapy and Energy Healing
The combination of these three modalities has resulted in stunning results for those seeking help with the following:

  • Weight Loss/Eating disorder
  • Addictions – Drugs/Alcohol/Smoking
  • Stress – Work related/Relationships
  • Depression
  • Abuse issues – domestic/sexual
  • Anger Management

EFT Tapping or Hypno Tapping is a fast way to release habits, fears, addictions, PTSD and anger.

EFT utilizes acupressure points along the body, clearing the way for the powerful energy of hypnotherapy. By using EFT and acknowledging self-limiting statements I can access the subconscious quickly to allow healing through the trauma and reversing those false beliefs.

The session begins with thirty minutes of profiling, twenty minutes of EFT followed by thirty minutes of Hypnosis and energy healing.

My clients have reported back that it has been life-changing for them.

Testimonial for Anger Management

‘I had a traumatic childhood which resulted in me being a very angry person for all my life.

This has affected all my close relationships particularly with my partners and family. Due to my triggers my rage and anger have been out of control. I desperately wanted to be rage-free. Hypno-tapping and healing with Astrid has given me what I have craved for so long. For the first in in 60 years I live a calm peaceful existence. I cannot recommend Hypno-Tapping highly enough.’ Carol

Testimonial for Abusive Relationships

‘Frustrated by my own self-sabotaging behaviour I sought help from Astrid. She helped me recognise how the deep patterns formed in my childhood impact my life today. Within the safe space she creates I could see with clarity why I constantly choose men who are unavailable and abusive. With her help I severed these repeated themes and self-destructive actions and now feel empowered to make decisions and choices and to have the relationship I deserve.’ Emily

The power to change and heal is within reach. Let me allow the source that flows through me to help encourage you to a better life by combining these three wonderful energy resources.


HYPNO-TAPPING PACKAGE 1 incorporating:

  • 30 minutes of Profiling to identify themes/patterns
  • 20 Minutes of EFT to clear meridians
  • 30 Minutes of hypnosis and energy healing
  • 3 Treatments
  • Duration: 1 hour 20 minutes


HYPNO-TAPPING PACKAGE 2 incorporating:

  • 30 minutes of Profiling to identify themes/patterns
  • 20 Minutes of EFT to clear meridians
  • 30 Minutes of hypnosis and energy healing
  • 5 Treatments
  • Duration: 1 hour 20 minutes


These packages are suitable to all treatments:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Abuse: Domestic/Sexual
  • Anger management
  • Weight Loss Co-Dependency
  • Chronic Pain Smoking
  • Motivation Relationship issues
  • Drug addiction Alcohol addiction